KSI proves that he’s the real deal in “All Over The Place.”





I f**k with the vibes attached to both “You” and “No Pressure.” I would love to hear the former at a brunch and the latter at a pool party.




“Madness” is an extremely solid drill banger.

KSI talks his s**t in “Madness.” Throughout the song, he flaunts his YouTube success, his trill ways, his hustling mentality, and his competitive nature. Personally, I f**k with the way he sticks his chest out on his verses, coming across like a dude that would whoop some ass to get his respect. I also applaud his sturdy flows, too.



KSI relies on two Atlanta legends in Future and 21 Savage for “Number 2.”

I feel like you get a classic Future performance in “Number 2.” Over a trap beat that you knew he would kill, Hendrix hits us with a verse that is a great mix between melodic and gritty.

KSI doesn’t quite shine as bright as Future in “Number 2.” However, I do f**k with the heart-pumping hook he blesses the song with. I also like how he sticks his chest out like Janet on his verse.

21 Savage closes out “Number 2” sounding like a goon. Throughout his verse in the song, he talks about stepping on puppies and wetting blocks. If you ask me, he doesn’t quite fit the track (It’s not a bad thing when he doesn’t fit on tracks, though).

I wish Wayne was on this track. He would’ve had so many clever punchlines about s**tting!




For those of you that doubted KSI’s skills, you will learn that he’s actually pretty talented as soon as you press play on the intro to All Over The Place.

“The Moment” features melodies that I guarantee you will not be able to get out of your head, a hard-hitting rap verse, and lyrics that you might hear out of some of the top rappers in the game. I’m not going to lie, I was very impressed with this song.




“Don’t Play” was clearly made in 2000.

Folks in the bando will definitely throw up listening to “Don’t Play.” The song features an instrumental that you might hear on a Craig David track, a hook by Anne-Marie that is on some teenage love s**t, and some daring vocals and chill raps by KSI. With everything that I just mentioned, you would think that I do not like the song, right? No, I actually think that it would be fun to listen to at a bar and is refreshingly corny.




KSI and Lil Durk make a pretty decent tandem in “No Time.”

“No Time” is a banger. I f**k with the song’s hard-hitting trap beat, the melodic raps that KSI and Lil Durk both hit us with, and how the two rappers straddle the line between humble and braggadocios. Who knew these two demons could co-exist on a song!




I’ve overplayed “Patience” these last couple of months.

Alternative hip-hop music (Or whatever you want to call it) is running s**t right now. Some of my favorite musicians from the subgenre are Machine Gun Kellyiann dior, and 24kgoldn. Believe it or not, two non-traditional alternative hip-hop dudes, KSI and Polo G, give the trio I just mentioned a run for their money on “Patience.”

I love, love, love “Patience!” I f**k with the song’s exhilarating/uptempo pop beat, the song’s highly infectious melodies, and even the vulnerable lyrics that everyone dishes out.

See, Polo, when you put the guns down, s**t isn’t all bad.


1. THE MOMENT (4/5)

2. NUMBER 2 (4/5)

3. PATIENCE (5/5)

4. YOU (4/5)

5. DON’T PLAY (4/5)

6. REALLY LOVE (3/5)

7. GANG GANG (3/5)

8. RENT FREE (3/5)

9. MADNESS (4/5)

10. SILLY (3/5)

11. FLASH (3/5)

12. NO TIME (4/5)

13. NO PRESSURE (4/5)

14. HOLIDAY (2/5)





All Over The Place really is all over the place. The album features drill bangers, Afropop bangers, lyrical bangers, old-school pop songs, and even some salsa s**t. KSI clearly doesn’t believe in boxes.

Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t call KSI a great rapper, but I would definitely call him an appealing one. In every song on All Over The Place, he makes sure to bless us with deliveries that are action-packed and lyrics that will move the needle for fans of today’s hip-hop music. When it comes to melodies, I think that KSI does a fantastic job of blessing us with s**t that will easily get stuck in your head. At the end of the day, the main reason tons of people will like this album is because it features styles of music that people love and a few rappers that people f**k with. The reason some people may not like the album is because many might perceive some of the commercial songs on it to be corny. Since KSI totes himself as a YouTuber, I don’t think that this album should be graded too harshly. He’s an entertainer and this album is very entertaining.

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