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Mark Universe – GAMES (Album Review)

Mark Universe blesses us with futuristic vibes, dynamic flows, and wise words in “GAMES.”



“The Definition” is a very uplifting song. Throughout it, Mark Universe delivers a message about being true to who you are and keeping things in perspective. It’s a bonus that his words are delivered in a way that gives it the opportunity to positively affect the audience.

I think Mark Universe’s best rap performance is on this song.




“Truth Be Told” offers a different vibe than the rest of the album. The futuristic sound that dominates the project takes a back seat to infectious piano notes.

“Truth Be Told” is a splash of soulful, pretty divine, motivational, and nurturing. Throughout the song, Mark sounds thankful for his wins and highlights the importance of growth. He also lets us know that his relationship with GOD is what guides him in the right direction in life. More than anything, the song feels like an open letter to us.




“Guitar Hero” is the kind of song that you’d get excited to hear if it comes on at a party.

“Guitar Hero” was put on this earth to get folks to dance, to appreciate life, and to have trust in themselves and GOD. Personally, what I like about the song is that the beat boasts these invigorating rockstar vibes that will make you want to break a guitar but also do a



2. 1s AND 0s (BLEEP BOOP)

Mark Universe’s flows on “1s and 0s (Bleep Boop)” is what differentiates the song from the other ones on the album.

“1s and 0s (Bleep Boop)” is such a fun song to listen to (How many songs can you say that about these days?). For starters, the song features a beat that knocks but also has these futuristic vibes attached to it. Over it, Mark Universe toys with everything from extraterrestrial to simple flows. In terms of lyrically, he does a good job of reminding us that his swag stays up-to-date at all times (Yes, your swag needs software updates every couple of months).




“Exotic” is the kind of track that will turn clubs upside down.

The beat on “Exotic stands out immediately. The base will capture your attention and its variation keeps the song exciting. As for Mark Universe, he blesses us with a hook that is extra catchy and flows that are both tricky and steady in the song. He also talks about finding that fine line between being humble and boasty.



2. GUITAR HERO (4/5)

3. CALL OF DUTY (3/5)

4. HIGH SCORE (3/5)

5. TRUTH BE TOLD (4/5)

6. SONIC (WIN WIN) (3/5)


8. PROMISES (3/5)

9. EXOTIC (4/5)

10. 1S AND 0S (BLEEP BOOP) (4/5)

11. CANT PUT IT OFF (3/5)




So what does GAMES stand for? GOD ALWAYS MAKES EVERYONE SUCCESSFUL. Much like his

Mark Universe released a cohesive album. Each song supports the other and they flow nicely from one to the next. The game theme, established not only by the title of the album but the cover of it as well, is an important aspect in every track (Make sure you don’t miss overlook it).

If you enjoy futuristic, upbeat, and celebratory music, then this is the kind of album for you! The beats on it are versatile in the sense that they could be played in a high-energy environment like a club or they could be played in a calmer setting like an arcade. As someone who doesn’t normally listen to futuristic hip-hop music, this album was a good introduction.

Speaking of versatility, Mark Universe continues to show an uncanny ability to morph into whatever kind of rapper any beat needs him to be in his music. Throughout GAMES, he toys with all kinds of flows and deliveries and hits us with punchlines every once in a while. Mark also covers topics such as self-growth, faith, and boastfulness (I love how he switches between the two, too).

So what does GAMES stand for? GOD ALWAYS MAKES EVERYONE SUCCESSFUL. Much like he does in his previous work, Mark focuses on faith and building a relationship with GOD on the album. Below is a few comments he said about the album:

“The thing about games you can be successful if you commit time and don’t give up. That logic is also true in general with life in my opinion. I noticed in the bible everyone that committed themselves to God and didn’t quit succeeded.”

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