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Kiana Ledé and Kehlani Are On The Same Page On “Ur Best Friend”

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Ur Best Friend

Kiana Ledé & Kehlani

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Is there enough room for Kiana Ledé in the absolutely stacked female R&B genre?

I can definitely see Kiana Ledé developing into an R&B plug. There’s something about her style that screams out compatible, to me. Ironically, Kiana’s latest single, “Ur Best Friend” featuring Kehlani, is a song about compatibility getting folks in trouble (Damn, I’m such a good writer!).



“Ur Best Friend” is juicier than a piece of chicken that spent a little too much time in some boiling water (Mmmm, there’s nothing like boiled chicken). Over an instrumental that is on some classic R&B s**t, both Kiana Ledé and Kehlani sing passionately about wanting their exes as opposed to the person that they are currently with. Based on the powerful melodies, the very detailed lyrics, and the pain in the two lovely ladies’ voices, I can tell that the stories that they tell in this song are real, real, REAL!

I know exactly how Kehlani and Kiana Ledé feel… I wish my stomach wasn’t with some damn 711 hot dogs last night. 

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