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Too Little, Too Late

Zita Barbara

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A beautiful ballad that is way too easy to relate to.

There are singers, and then there are singers that have the keys to all of our hearts; Zita Barbara is the latter. Not only does she make thought-provoking and powerful music, but she also has a voice that can move mountains. Zita’s latest single, “Too Little, Too Late,” is a breathtaking song.



According to Zita Barbara, “Too Little, Too Late is about the complicated situation of bad timing and torn feelings over the one that got away.” What makes the song captivating is that it features a vocal performance that is filled with tons of emotion and high notes, a piano-heavy instrumental that will grab a hold of your soul, and lyrics that are so deep, vulnerable, and personal, they have to be derived from an actual predicament. All in all, “Too Little, Too Late” is a gem that I think tons of people should hear.

“Too Little, Too Late” was selected as a “Crowd Picks” song for the country genre on Reverbnation. Such an honor shows how amazing the song is.






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