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TATA (Remix)

Eladio Carrion, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee & Bobby Shmurda

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OK, how did Bobby Shmurda end up on this damn song?

Bobby Shmurda has been free for months now. Interestingly, I haven’t heard him on any songs since his release. If you are someone that guessed that one of the first songs that you would hear him on in 2021 would be a J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, and Eladio Carrion track, you are a muthaf**king liar.



“TATA” is a menacing drill track that features unbelievable flows by some hall-of-fame reggaeton stars. On this remix to the song, you get a Bobby Shmurda verse in which he reminds the world that he is a straight bully that has a nina on his hip and shooters from New York to Mediana. While I don’t quite love the style that he raps with (His raps are delivered a little sloppily), I’m just glad to hear him on a record again.

Bobby may want to chill with all the gun talk on songs…

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