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Not Jus Anybody

Jacquees & Future

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

The King of R&B and the King of Toxic both do their thing in “Not Jus Anybody.”

Can I scare you guys for a minute? You do know whenever a music star wants to, they can flex on us, right? That’s why I try to be super nice on this blog 🙂. While you hear rappers flex on us in their music regularly, something about an R&B dude flexing on us in their music hits so differently. With that being said, R&B crooner Jacquees and halfway R&B crooner Future use their ‘Do you know who I am’ cards in “Not Jus Anybody,” a song that I would call an R&B jam.



Ooooooooh, you ladies are in trouble now! In “Not Jus Anybody,” Jacquees and Future let women that they are chasing know that if they aren’t ready to go to home plate with them, they can be kicked to the curb. From a lyrical standpoint, I feel like the song is unbelievably candid. From a musical standpoint, I feel like Jacquees and Future do outstanding jobs of blessing us with passionate vocal performances and melodies that you’ve probably heard in the 90s. All in all, I’m f**king with this song.

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