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South RC & TheMa Both Shine In The Very Entertaining “NON DISTURBARE”

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South RC & TheMa

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“NON DISTURBARE” appropriately arrives in the middle of the summer (GOD bless you both TheMa and South RC).

Naples, Italy-based creative, South RC, is a model by day and a rapper by night. At an early age, he found himself enamored by rap greats such as Drake and Lil Wayne, eventually being inspired enough by them to start his own music career. We are all lucky that he decided to do that because his music resume boasts tons of hits (The streaming numbers will let you know that they are hits, too). While I can recommend a bunch of songs by RC that you should check out, the one song that will really catch your attention is his brand new single “NON DISTURBARE.”

The first thing that will draw you in about “NON DISTURBARE” is the energy attached to the song. Not only is the song powered by an upbeat, bass booming trap beat (Kudos to Yung Snapp for producing the beat), but it also features very infectious melodies, dynamic flows, and exciting deliveries by both South RC and TheMa. As for lyrically, the two rappers talk about toxic relationships in a refreshing/original way, proving that even models with tons of clout can have their fair share of connection issues. All in all, I can see “NON DISTURBARE” turning up pool parties, clubs, birthday parties, and everything in-between.

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