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Big O – The Mind’s Mirror (Album Review)

Big O blesses us with twenty masterful instrumentals in “The Mind’s Mirror.”




5. Visionary Fantasy

Big O isn’t just a hip-hop head, he’s also someone that knows how to make solid jazz-inspired gems like “Visionary Fantasy.”

“Visionary Fantasy” is one of those soothing instrumentals that I would love to hear at a laidback jazz bar. Everything from the contagious guitar strings to the easygoing vibes to the infectious melodies will definitely please your ears.



4. Fresh Memories

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I like “Fresh Memories” is because it reminds me of an old-school The Neptunes beat.

Just to let you know, I grew up on The Neptunes, so I love any instrumental that sounds like something they would make. “Fresh Memories” features pleasant piano notes, just a splash of bass, and this overall feel-good vibe that will make you want to have a quiet picnic in your backyard. I can definitely see Pharrell singing softly or Pusha-T hitting us with debonair bars over this joint.



3. LvL Uv Consciousness

“LvL Uv Consciousness” definitely gives you a clear mind to think.

“LvL Uv Consciousness” struck a chord with me for several reasons. For starters, the song has this therapeutic tone that does everything in its power to calm your nerves. From there, the atmospheric sounds, perfectly laid-out piano notes, and simple but impactful drum patterns should resonate with you.



2. Unfulfilled Desire

“Unfulfilled Desire” is the second-longest instrumental on The Mind’s Mirror. it’s also one of my favorites.

It is so important how you start an album. To me, you have to create something that sets the tone for what you are about to listen to. In my opinion, “Unfulfilled Desire” sets the tone for The Mind’s Mirror in a great way. The song boasts wise words by David Williams II, both upbeat and spirited vibes, great knocks that should get your heart pumping, and just an overall tempo that will make you nod your head. Way to get us in a good mood immediately, Big O.



1. No Eyes In My Mind

Doesn’t “No Eyes In My Mind” sound like an instrumental that you would play during a victory lap?

Matter of fact, when I run out of motivation during my runs, I’m blasting this song! I absolutely love the song’s celebratory feel, the song’s hectic tempo, the frenzied piano notes, the random alarms, and the percussion. More than any other song, I felt this one in my mind, body, and soul!


1. Unfulfilled Desire (Intro) (4/5)

2. Imagined Scenario (4/5)

3. RUReady?! (4/5)

4. LvL Uv Consciousness (4/5)

5. Last thing I Remembered… (4/5)

6. Fresh Memories (4/5)

7. No Eyes in my Mind (5/5)

8. False Awakening (4/5)

9. Don’t Heckle Me (3/5)

10. Visionary Fantasy (4/5)

11. Astral Projection (4/5)

12. The Functions of a Dream (4/5)

13. Everlasting Time (4/5)

14. Bak.2.ReaLity (3/5)

15. Facta, Non Verba (4/5)

16. Mind Glitch (3/5)

17. WatchuJuannaDo (4/5)

18. How It Used To Be (4/5)

19. All I Eva Wanted (4/5)

20. Desire Fulfilled (Outro) (4/5)




Big O is easily one of my favorite hip-hop producers in the game right now. Throughout the years, he has hooked up talented MCs with beats that boast truly authentic hip-hop vibes. In this twenty-track project, he gets a chance to showcase his skills as more than just a hip-hop producer.

If you ever questioned Big O’s talent as a producer, you will change your mind after you are finished listening to The Mind’s Mirror. My biggest takeaway from the album is how O is able to channel so many different kinds of tones, vibes, emotions, and intensity levels. Though the album never really reaches the highest gear, it does do a good job of making you feel everything from celebratory to enthusiastic to gritty feels. If you are someone that simply appreciates music in its purest form, I think The Mind’s Mirror will resonate with you.

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