We say goodbye to ’22 our way!


Future – WAIT FOR U

Can you believe that my dumb-ass put this song as the fourth-best one from Future’s I NEVER LIKED U album? It clearly smacks harder than Will Smith.


Lil Uzi Vert – Just Wanna Rock

I am very late to waves. S**t, I just got hip to Afropop music two months ago (I’m kidding). With that being said, I love the whole ‘Jersey club music’ wave that is going on right now. The one Jersey club-based song that I just don’t love is “Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert. To me, the song sounds way too incomplete and like some mic check s**t. You guys love it, though. People are remixing the song and doing crazy s**t on video while it’s playing in the background. Personally, I don’t think the song is that great.



Maybe it’s because this album doesn’t feature 100 random-ass dudes, or maybe it’s because it was juicier than some uncooked chicken, but The Family by BROCKHAMPTON (aka Kevin Abstract) might be the most intriguing listen of all time. The way Kevin spills his heart out about the group’s fall-off was absolutely crazy to listen to. The reason I think this is the most underrated album of the year is that I feel like it flew under the radar… Like, do y’all know that BROCKHAMPTON even broke up!?


Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers

I hate to say it, but I think we overrated this album (Including myself). Don’t get me wrong, it’s artistic, unique, and special, but it’s one of those albums that I haven’t gone back to since it dropped. Not because it’s bad, but because it just doesn’t feel like a musical album, to me. Instead of an A, I probably would’ve given it an B+ 🙂


Lil Yachty – Poland

“Poland” by Lil Yachty is so bad, I actually f**k with the song. We can all agree that his singing performance on the song is God-awful, right? We can all agree that this song’s structure is basic as s**t, right? We can all agree that Yachty pulled off the greatest troll job of all time with its release, right? “Poland” proves you can love something that is horrible (I will stop making fun of people that like Poutine).


Kanye West – DONDA 2

Thanks to Suave, I was lucky enough to listen to DONDA 2. Remember, that s**t is only available on Stem players, which he has. What sucks is that DONDA 2 sounds incomplete, unmastered, and rushed. It also features some weird-ass guest appearances (I did like Soulja Boy’s verse on the album, though). I literally feel like Kanye tried to scam us (Ask Amazon for a refund if you bought a Stem Player to listen to DONDA 2).


Yeat – Any Verse He Did In 2022

I like Yeat. After hearing him talk in a few interviews, I now feel like he’s a down-to-earth guy. I have also begun to appreciate who he is as an artist. But, come on guys, you know and I know that his verses are as questionable as Anthony Davis before every Laker game. I just feel like Yeat’s flows, his voice, and his lyrical content are just way too shaky to enjoy. Trust me, I’ve tried to listen to his music from every angle. I’ve tried to be as objective as ever. I tried, y’all.


Drake – His Verse On “Churchill Downs”

I know, Jay-Z’s verse on “GOD DID” is sacred, stirring, and riveting. In my humble opinion, it also solidifies him as the greatest rapper of all time. With that being said, from a rap mechanics standpoint, Drake’s verse on “Churchhill Downs” is better. The punchlines the 6God dishes out are next-level good, his flows are amazing, and the little subtle jabs he takes at folks are brilliant. In my opinion, Drake taught a masterclass on how to put together a masterful rap verse.


Drake – F**k Adidas

I don’t know if you would call it back-and-forths or adlibs, but I f**k with the way Drake and 21 Savage gas each other up in Her Loss. One of my favorite tracks with supposed adlibs is “Broke Boys.” Even though I am an Adidas fan (I can give a flying f**k what Kanye thinks about them), I ain’t going to lie, when Drake said “I got stripes, but f**k Adidas,” I squinted my face in enjoyment. That s**t was hard as hell! Drake needs to be stopped, y’all!

I may have to retire this award. I created it because of Migos. These days, adlibs aren’t as noticeable. R.I.P. to Takeoff, BTW.


GloRilla & Hitkidd – FNF

I think female rap is one of the most marketable subgenres in America right now. From Megan Thee Stallion to Latto to Nicki Minaj, it seems like a huge crop of lady spitters is winning right now. With that being said, there wasn’t a hook by a female rapper (Hell, a rapper in general) that moved me more than the hook on “FNF.” If you are someone that likes going to nightclubs, fighting, or is anti-relationships, man or woman, this hook will get you hyped as hell. Even the f**k n***a that Glo freed herself from is rocking to this joint!



Now we can praise JAY-Z!

I truly believe that without JAY-Z’s verse on “GOD DID,” DJ Khalid’s album with the same name doesn’t get a Grammy nomination. The holy verse that the Brooklyn native gifted Khalid with made you forget that legendary musicians Rick Ross, John Legend, and Lil Wayne were even on the same song. It left both music fans and rappers equally in awe. It barely felt like a rap verse; it felt more like a gospel reading. Though it wasn’t my favorite verse, I think its powerful nature elevated hip-hop for a few weeks. Hov did!


Kodak Black – Super Gremlin

I mean, c’mon, this is a no-brainer. The way “Super Gremlin” starts, with these kids chillingly singing about being potential superstars, builds up a great amount of anticipation. Unlike a lot of beats I’ve heard in the past, once this one drops, it lives up to expectations. “Super Gremlin” has a beat that knocks, is riveting, is memorable, and is hella gangsta. Even if you aren’t a rap fan, you have to appreciate this joint!


The Game – The Black Slim Shady

As much as I feel like “The Black Slim Shady” wasn’t that bad, I am man enough to admit that the song is pretty cheesy. While I am very impressed with how The Game morphs into Eminem for a good chunk of it, I’m not going to lie, the skits were very cheesy to me. I would’ve preferred if The Game left the antics at home and just challenged Eminem straight-up; all the other s**t was just weird.


Burna Boy – Last Last

Just to reiterate, we are an American website, so any music made by someone from outside of the US would be considered international to us. That being said, I think “Last Last” was the best international release this year. Though an American is the one that gets the song’s engine running (Toni Braxton), it’s Burna Boy’s passionate vocals that make it special. The hook he blesses us with is also invigorating as hell. All in all, “Last Last” is a mood-boosting track that actually transcends genres, languages, and countries (I wonder how white people feel about the song).


Alpha Ojini, Phlow & Tech Zilla – The Coin

These days, it’s rare that you come across a rap song in which everyone killed their verse; it happened in “The Coin.” First and foremost, I love the pep to their steps that each person in the song raps with. I also rock with the dynamic flows used, the overwhelming confidence displayed, and the random African accents brought forth. This song was legit played by me over 100 times this year.


Bella Blaq – Sweet Snacks

Bella Blaq is one very versatile musician. While I think that she is an outstanding rapper, it’s her fearlessness when it comes to exploring all kinds of hip-hop subgenres that really captures my attention. Throughout Sweet Snacks, her latest album release, she creates all kinds of impressive rap tracks; I’m talking club bangers, R&B-Esque bangers, trap bangers, and all. I am just a fan of musicians that aren’t afraid to step outside of the box.


Jack Harlow – First Class

“First Class” could’ve easily won the “cheesiest song of the year” award. I just feel like Jack Harlow trying to sound cool combined with the lazy Fergie sample could’ve gone left real quick. I think Harlow was able to freak the song just enough for us to say that it is more-so slick and catchy than corny and annoying. Way to straddle lines, fly white boy!


Jessie Reyez – Yessie

I don’t understand why Jessie Reyez flies under the radar so much. I think she is just as talented as any other singer in the game today. Not only does Jessie have a voice that can move mountains, but she also is an outstanding writer. Yessie, her latest album, is literally magical. In the project, the Canadian native fully dives into rap, rock, R&B, alternative pop, and more, succeeding every step of the way. She also pens tracks that are thought-provoking and unapologetic. If you ask me, Yessie is the perfect album (I swear someone asked me).


Vince Staples – WHEN SPARKS FLY

This song is absolutely perfect. I love the intoxicating instrumental, Luther Vandross on the hook (I’m assuming that’s Luther), the laidback style Vince Staple raps with, and just the overall chill vibes the song boasts. The song’s icing on the cake: (Spoiler Alert) How it’s fully about a gun. I didn’t know that s**t after the first listen.

The song is probably too grungy to be a commercial success, so that’s why it’s not a top song. Oh well, I love the s**t.


DJ Khaled – GOD DID

There’s no other way to slice it, “GOD DID” is amazing. First and foremost, we rarely get verses from JAY-Z anymore; we got one of his best of all time in this song. We also got powerful vocal performances from both John Legend and Fridayyy, and also really damn good verses from Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Overall, I just feel like “GOD DID” shows the power that a hip-hop song can have on one’s spirit. Like, after listening to it, you will feel this urge to want to be great for at least 24 hours… It will wear off after you finish your burrito bowl from Chipotle, though.


Pusha-T – It’s Almost Dry

I always wondered how Pusha-T would top his fantastic It’s Almost Dry album… He topped it fantastically! It’s Almost Dry doesn’t only feature slick, picture-Esque cocaine-laced bars from Pusha, but it also features production primarily from The Neptunes and Kanye West. I don’t think you heard me… THE F**KING ALBUM FEATURES PRODUCTION FROM BOTH THE NEPTUNES AND KANYE WEST; TWO OF THE GREATEST TO EVER MAKE BEATS! I personally believe the album has literally zero skips and not a single bad verse. It’s commercial-ready and extremely lyrical. It’s the only album that I think should be abused. Ironically, Pusha’s It’s Almost Dry album is almost perfect.


To everyone that takes the time to read articles from us, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! 2022 was a huge success because of you guys. I promise, in 2023, we’re going to be the best we’ve ever been!


  1. Bro this is such an L list already. Most overrated song Just wanna rock by Uzi is an experimental song so you have to appreciate that he’s trying something new. You have kendricks album as the most overrated album when that is such an amazing concept record and touches on subject matter that no other albums do and is just such a good idea with the whole concept of how he is in a therapist office and there is a lot of replay value throughout the tracklist with songs like N95, count me out, silent hill, die hard, and savior. The most overrated album of the year is pretty easily It’s only me by Lil Baby. There is maybe 3 or 4 good songs on that 23 song album with those 4 being pretty good and what I wanted to hear from Baby the rest of the tracklist just drags on way too long without getting much help from the features besides thug and fridayy. Not to mention the TERRIBLE production that goes on during the album. Seriously 75% of the beats on that album sounded the same. I think your pick for best verse was good because I enjoyed drakes feature on that Jack Harlow album but we got much better verses then that. (Denzel Curry on Walkin, J Cole on Johnny P’s caddy, and JID on Stars). I personally thought that DJ Khaled had the worst album of the year, but Donda 2 wasn’t so great either. Sorry for writing this all out I think you do a good job on most of the reviews

    1. Yeah I agree with this take. When Mr morale and the big steppers just came out I thought it was just ok for kendricks standards, but when i started to relisten to it the i could understand the concept and what kendrick was going for more and honestly besides crown and that kodak interlude i think that album is skipless.

      1. First and foremost, thanks for reading! Love hearing your opinion and I agree, the album definitely requires a few listens to fully sink in.

        I was being slightly sarcastic with that pick. I think the album is fantastic, but I don’t quite agree with folks that are saying it is this classic project that everyone is supposed to like. If you connect with it, it’s special. If you don’t connect with it, I do feel like it’s OK to say “it was aight.”

    2. First and foremost, thanks for reading! Love hearing your opinion, and trust me, I read this whole comment 🙂

      Honestly, “Just Wanna Rock” hasn’t clicked with me at all. I’ve given it a bunch of chances too. The rhythm is just a little too hard to understand. I agree, he gets points for experimenting, but I don’t think just cause he experimented that he deserves an award lol

      Kendrick’s album is not bad at all. I was being slightly sarcastic with my pick. What I will say is that I don’t think it’s a classic project. If you connected with it, cool, but I don’t think it’s something that everyone is supposed to like. Very interesting choice when it comes to the Lil Baby pick.

      J. Cole’s verse on Johnny P’s Caddy is literally amazing. that would’ve been my second choice.

      I thought Khaled’s album was mid, I thought Harlow’s album was mid, but Kanye’s sounds literally unlistenable. It sounds like drafts frfr. But I respect your choices.

      I may have to consult you for advice on 2023’s list. You have some really good choices! Love your opinion.

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