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Listen To “No Looking Back” By Soulja Boy

No Looking Back (ALBUM)

Soulja Boy

“No Looking Back” is Soulja Boy’s second album in a little more than two weeks.

Soulja Boy is back, folks! Actually, he never left. About two weeks ago, Soulja dropped an album called Big Draco that I think is bad but entertaining. Much to our surprise (Kind of), today, he decided to return to the music scene with a brand new album called No Looking Back.



No, No Looking Back isn’t great. As expected, the album features shaky flows, erratic deliveries, questionable singing performances, poorly constructed songs, and lots and lots of trap, gun, drug, and bully talk. I will say this, though: If you are down to have an ignorant weekend, play this joint during your pregame.

No Looking Back features guest appearances from Lil Twist, Skinnyfromthe9, NBA OG 3Three.

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