Both Melly and Melvin let loose in “Just A Matter Of Slime.”




5. Far Apart

Who would’ve thunk that Kevin Gates and YNW Melly would sound so great together on a song?

“Far Apart” is probably the most serious track on Just A Matter Of Slime. In it, both YNW Melly and Kevin Gates talk about everything from loyalty to growth to drug use to love to separation anxiety. The song features a heartfelt beat, a daring vocal performance, an impactful Gates verse, and Lil TJay in such small doses (I love Tjay in small doses).



4. Caprisun Fun

Even though Caprisun is a mid drink, “Caprisun Fun” isn’t mid.

Do you know what I like about “Caprisun Fun?” The song caters to both YNW Melly and Young Thug’s strengths. Both artists shine when it comes to making bouncy/fun/colorful music, and that is exactly what “Caprisun Fun” is. I mean, s**t, I didn’t even pay attention to the ridiculous lyrics Melly and Thugger hit us with in the song (The song is about chicks sipping on johnsons as if they were Caprisuns), I just paid attention to their exuberant melodies and the bouncy instrumental.



3. Mind of Melvin

YNW Melly and Lil Uzi Vert go back and forth in “Mind Of Melvin.”

“Mind Of Melvin” will f**k with your head. The song features a hypnotizing trap beat that gives me Sonic The Hedgehog special zone vibes and both intoxicating vocals and hard-ass raps by YNW Melly and Lil Uzi Vert. As for lyrically, the two rappers do a good job of blaming all of their violent, erratic, and troublesome ways on being bi-polar (Everybody wants to claim they are bi-polar these days…).

Woah, did Lil Uzi Vert just say he wants GOD to come to earth? HE BELIEVES!



2. Thugged Out

Two of Florida’s biggest troublemakers, YNW Melly and Kodak Black, link up in “Thugged Out.”

In “Thugged Out,” YNW Melly provides us with infectious melodies that Trick Daddy would be very proud of, unbelievable harmonies (He is the best in the game at harmonizing), and super solid flows. As for Kodak Black, he provides us with a Pac-Esque/hard-hitting rap verse. In the song, the two rappers let the world know that they are unadulterated thugs that do their time like gs and indulge in gang fights.

If YNW and Kodak Black can stay out of prison, they can end up being two of the hottest rappers in the game.



1. Take Kare

Who would’ve thought that “Take Kare,” a song with YNW Melly, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk, would feature the kind of instrumental that the late great Aaliyah would do work over?

If you are a real R&B fan, you will appreciate “Take Kare.” The song features an instrumental that is smooth and boasts nothing but vintage R&B vibes. The song also features all kinds of irresistible melodies by YNW Melly, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk (The melody that YNW Melly blesses us with is outstanding).

If you believe in real love like Mary, you will appreciate “Take Kare.” Throughout the song, Melly, Baby, and Durk talk about f**king with down-ass chicks that are willing to deal with all of the s**t that comes with dating a thug. This s**t brought back my PTSD from watching Baby Boy 55 times.

No one in the game can hit us with the kind of melodies that YNW Melly hits us with.


1. Mind Of Melvin (4/5)

2. Yung Nigga Shit (3/5)

3. Thugged Out (4/5)

4. Take Kare (4/5)

5. Pieces (3/5)

6. Loving My Life (3/5)

7. Caprisun Fun (4/5)

8. Best Friends 4L (2/5)

9. Far Apart (3/5)

10. Greensight (3/5)

11. Freddy Krueger (Remix) (3/5)

12. Na Na Na Boo Boo (2/5)




I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: YNW Melly is one talented muthaf**ka. No, he isn’t the greatest rapper in the world, but his ability to create life-changing melodies is unmatched. While I was certainly not blown away by Just A Matter Of Slime as a whole, I was in awe at the times that he showed sprinkles of greatness throughout the album.

For the most part, Just A Matter Of Slime features rap records with strong R&B elements. To be more specific, you get rap verses paired with R&B-styled melodies and smooth trap beats on nearly every song. I feel like the rap verses by Melly were forgettable and a little too erratic for me, but featured lyrics about thugging, loving, and flexing that were intriguing enough to keep my interest. When it comes to the melodies he blessed us with, I thought they were strong enough to stick in your head like COVID cells try to stick to your lungs. Seriously, I found myself trying to dig the melodies from songs like “Far Apart” and “Take Kare” out of my head long after I finished hearing them. If we could get Melly to focus on polishing his raps, he could be a force to be reckoned with as an artist.

There are tons of features on Just A Matter Of Slime. I love Lil Durk’s verse on “Take Kare,” Kodak’s verse on “Thugged Out,” and Kevin Gates’s verse on “Far Apart.” TJay’s vocals from “Best Friends 4L” shattered a few glasses in my house, and believe it or not, I don’t even remember Baby’s verse on “Take Kare” (I’m shocked).

As someone who sees greatness in YNW Melly, I’m still waiting on that one serious drop from him. To me, Just A Matter Of Slime is a fun little twelve-pack Shakur that features some pretty energetic records, but it doesn’t have anything that has long replay value for me. Maybe the album’s title is letting us know that Melly’s time isn’t quite yet.

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  1. worked on caprisun fun… I appreciate you for putting some real thoughts about the music into your review. I agree, melly and thug played to their strengths

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