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Listen To “STREET STAINS” By Tynch



Tynch definitely shows out in “STREET STAINS.”

Every once in a while, we are blessed enough to come across a rapper that wears their heart on their sleeves in their music. If you are familiar with Tynch, you know that he’s one of those rappers that do just that. Since his Virgo album from 2019, he has hit us with music that features nothing less than powerful bars and impregnable flows. Tynch’s latest release, STREET STAINS, is a body-of-work that I seriously vibed out to while listening to.

STREET STAINS is a ten-track project that features bars, bars, and more bars. Matter of fact, it seems like Tynch gets lost in every single beat that he’s handed on the album. As for content-wise, the Memphis, TN rapper does a good job of hitting us with lyrics that let you know how trill, how hard of a worker, how wisdom-filled, and how humble he is. The album also features hard-hitting beats that range from ferocious to friendly-sounding. All in all, though this is a short project, I do feel it’s a complete project.

Listen to STREET STAINS below.



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