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Ranked Up


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T$AVY is a talent that you need to pay attention to.

As a music writer, one thing that I always look for in an artist is if they have that “it” factor. In other words, I give points to musicians that can move the needle. What I can confidently tell you is this: T$AVY has “it.” I love her confidence, I love her persona, and I love how she takes command of songs. If you are interested in jumping on T$’s bandwagon, I highly recommend that you give her brand new “Ranked Up” track a shot.

“Ranked Up” features a booming California-based beat that will challenge any club speaker system to a fight. Over the beat, T$avy shines bright. Not only does she hit us with a hella infectious melodic hook, but she also hits us with outstanding flows and lyrics that let us know that she’s squashing her opps, that she’s making hella guap, that she is tough-minded, and that she is working harder than her competition. All in all, “Ranked Up” has everything you would want from a complete hip-hop song.

Listen to the very impressive “Ranked Up” below.





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