Killerteddybear & Dylan Graham

Killerteddybear and Dylan Graham know how to appreciate wild chicks.

If there’s one thing that I missed while we were in quarantine, it was admiring the talent that frequented some of the hottest clubs. If you were lucky, you spotted a chick that could move mountains or get Giannis Antetokounmpo to make a jump shot. In “Wildgirl,” Killerteddybear and Dylan Graham’s latest release, they talk about their experiences with shorties that are hotter than the weather in Arizona.

First and foremost, I have to say this: The beat that powers “Wildgirl” is phenomenal! it boasts serious club vibes and killer bass. As for Killerteddybear, his flows are beyond shaky in the song, but I do f**k with the confidence that he raps with and how he outlines the reckless, outlandish, carefree, and crazy things that wild girls you encounter at nightclubs do. His verse almost feels, dare I say, poetic…

Towards the end of “Wildgirl,” Dylan Graham plows his way onto the scene hitting us with a daring vocal performance (That’s an understatement). Lyrically, he carries on where Killerteddybear leaves off, bringing up all of the things that you should look for when hunting a wild girl, including angel tattoos on backs and drug usage.

Listen to “Wildgirl” by Killerteddybear & Dylan Graham below.

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