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Think Too Much


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You’re not alone, Russ. I think too much when I look through UberEats.

A few days ago, Russ made a call to all of the overthinkers in the world in an Instagram post that read, “Overthinkers where y’all at?? Lol lemme know if you want this.” Right after dropping the post, he released the artwork to his new single titled “Think Too Much.” Today, Russ decided to release the track.



Sonically, “Think Too Much” sounds very similar to Russ’s other hit, “Paid Off.” As for lyrically, that’s where the two songs differ. In “Think Too Much,” Russ talks about the power struggle that goes on in his head and how it impacts the way he moves. While I applaud him for being vulnerable, everybody knows this cocky muthaf**ka goes to sleep with a bigger grin on his face than The Grinch.

Is Russ the hardest working rapper in the game today?

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