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Poetic Trance (Album)


Esglo takes electronic music to the next level in “Poetic Trance.”

Esglo is a New York artist that is known to make music that oozes electronic dance vibes mixed with EDM soundscape. What you’re going to love about him is that he allows his boisterous spirit to guide him to harbor relationships with singers, producers, and engineers. One of Esglo’s latest projects is the very dynamic Poetic Trance.

Poetic Trance features a myriad of electronic dance styles. Personally, what I like about the album is that boasts everything from action-packed to dramatic to futuristic to fantasy vibes. In other words, there is a song for every single electronic dance fan in the world. I also like the passionate vocal performances that are sprinkled throughout the project.

If you want an exciting and wholistic electronic dance experience, click on Poetic Trance below.




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