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Know The Difference

Icewear Vezzo & Lil Baby

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

You get classic Lil Baby in “Know The Difference.”

Is Lil Baby the hottest rapper in the game right now? I think he is, and that is mainly because these days any song that he hops on (Regardless of the artist) seems to gain tons of streams. Icewear Vezzo, an up-and-coming rapper from Detroit, Michigan, decided to ask Baby to hop on “Know The Difference,” and not only did he say “yes” but he f**ked around and took the song over (That wasn rude of you, Baby).



“Know The Difference” sounds like your typical Lil Baby hit: It features an action-packed trap beat, an irresistible hook, and melodic raps that are delivered feverishly. What impresses me is that Icewear Vezzo shines in Baby’s world, as, in his lone verse in the song, he takes full command of s**t (Way to hold your own, Ice!).

“Know The Difference” will be abused by ratchet clubs worldwide.

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