Tha Carter IV (Complete Edition)

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne decided to release an updated version of “Tha Carter IV” that features six bonus songs.

Maybe we were a little too harsh on Tha Carter IV… No, the album can’t walk in Tha Carter I, II, or III‘s shoes, but it does feature hits such as “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “President Carter,” “I’m Good,” and more. On Tha Carter IV‘s ten-year anniversary, Lil Wayne decided to release an updated version of the album that features a few songs that avid Napster users have heard before.


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There’s nothing to see here, folks. This complete edition of Tha Carter IV features six bonus tracks that aren’t really bonus tracks: “I Like The View,” “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars, “Two Shots,” “Up Up And Away,” “Novacane” featuring Kevin Rudolf, and “I Got Some Money On Me” featuring Birdman. If you were a big-time Wayne fan back then (Which everyone was), you’ve heard each song that I just mentioned before. I don’t even know where I heard them from, but I’ve heard them.

Take a blast to the past with Tha Carter IV (Complete Edition) below.