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Tha Carter IV (Complete Edition)

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne decided to release an updated version of “Tha Carter IV” that features six bonus songs.

Maybe we were a little too harsh on Tha Carter IV… No, the album can’t walk in Tha Carter I, II, or III‘s shoes, but it does feature hits such as “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “President Carter,” “I’m Good,” and more. On Tha Carter IV‘s ten-year anniversary, Lil Wayne decided to release an updated version of the album that features a few songs that avid Napster users have heard before.



There’s nothing to see here, folks. This complete edition of Tha Carter IV features six bonus tracks that aren’t really bonus tracks: “I Like The View,” “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars, “Two Shots,” “Up Up And Away,” “Novacane” featuring Kevin Rudolf, and “I Got Some Money On Me” featuring Birdman. If you were a big-time Wayne fan back then (Which everyone was), you’ve heard each song that I just mentioned before. I don’t even know where I heard them from, but I’ve heard them.

Take a blast to the past with Tha Carter IV (Complete Edition) below.

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