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Russ Lets His Woman Know That He “Can’t Let Go” Of Her In New Single

Can’t Let Go


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“Can’t Let Go” is Russ’s fifteenth release in fifteen weeks.

Fifteen songs is a full album, y’all. Only if Kendrick Lamar was this hard of a worker (I’m kidding. I don’t want to end up on Kendrick’s hitlist)… What’s very impressive is that Russ has dropped everything from slow jams to boom-bap tracks to club bangers to pop hits this year. “Can’t Let Go” is somewhere between slow jam and pop hit.



Russ gets his simp on in “Can’t Let Go.” In the song, he sings fearlessly about being in a romantic relationship that is more resilient than Donald Trump’s accountant. While both the relatability and the vulnerability that the Atlanta-based rapper shows in the song is what keeps it ticking, don’t sleep on the perfectly executed old-school R&B hook that he drops.

Give “Can’t Let Go” a shot below.

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