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Ari Lennox Gets Her Sexy On In “Pressure”

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Ari Lennox

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How much do you want to bet that Ari Lennox got several “Hey, big head” texts after releasing this song?

I f**king love Ari Lennox. Not because she is from the DMV, or because she clearly takes care of her skin, or even because she is signed to Dreamville. I love Ari because she comes across as someone that doesn’t care what folks think of her. With that being said, in Ari’s latest single, “Pressure,” she unapologetically lets the world know that she wants a man that can skvnbdkfvndofv her sdcdvdfvdfvb.



More than the sultry lyrics (Just a little more), I love the way “Pressure” sounds. It boasts this uptempo, lively, old-school, early 2000s sound that makes me want to sip on some Alize and watch some reruns of The Parkers (Kudos to Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin for helping put this song together). The way Ari Lennox imposes her will with pure elegance, passion, and charm is the song’s icing on the cake.

Ari looks like a Philly Cheesesteak with oil dripping from the bottom of it in the pic up top (That’s a good thing).

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