Jay Javon

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A well-crafted hip-hop track that highlights Javon’s attention-grabbing style.

Jay Javon is an artist, songwriter, and performer from Long Island with big dreams. His storytelling style and top-notch flows are what make his music captivating. Javon’s latest drop is the hip-hop album Savage Manner II. The mesmerizing “ARMAGEDDON” (which features artist Vinci The God) is one of the 9-tracks on his new release.

“ARMAGEDDON” starts out with a simple, slightly atmospheric beat before quickly introducing melodic vocals served up with snappy wordplay and well-timed deliveries. Through unapologetic flexing, Javon’s evident passion comes through as he reflects on everything from his personal style to his romantic encounters.  The track emits plenty of charismatic energy and feels authentic in its stylish presentation. You definitely don’t want to sleep on Javon’s latest offering, so press play and get a taste of his unique style with “ARMAGEDDON.”

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