Jayce The Man

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A smooth and soulful comfort blanket that keeps you wrapped in romantic vibes.

Kansas City, Missouri native, Jayce the Man, is a rising artist that you should pay very close attention to. His prior work includes hip-hop singles like “Second Best” and “Summertime Breakdown,” in addition to his 2020 album Genre. His latest drop is the follow-up album Genres ii A Kiss Goodnight. The smooth and wonderfully sensual R&B song “Cuddle” is one of the 15 tracks on his new release.

Uplifting sounds and heartfelt lyrics set the mood and keep things ultra-romantic. With a title like “Cuddle,” you want an R&B track that offers a sense of comfort and also delivers some spice to keep the heat at a steady high. Jayce the Man’s song definitely hits the mark, providing plenty of passion in the form of soulfulness and melodic vocals. Press play and dive into “Cuddle” for some sweet and sexy vibes that will warm your heart.





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