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Lupe Fiasco Spits Godly Bars In “Diet Soda Poetry”

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Diet Soda Poetry

Lupe Fiasco

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

People really love Drake’s “Champagne Poetry” beat.

Lupe Fiasco was once my favorite rapper in the world. Still to this day, I think that both The Cool and Food & Liquor are two of the greatest rap albums of all time. These days, I feel like Lupe spends most of his time trying to convince folks that he’s a GOD-level MC. Well, today, he decided to release “Diet Soda Poetry,” a freestyle that will confirm that he has bars for days.



Lupe does some reflecting and a little bit of flossing in “Diet Soda Poetry.” Throughout the song, he calmly raps about being extra motivated to make music now, about bumping both Drake and Kanye’s recent albums, and about seeing his crew grow up right in front of his eyes. What I find fascinating is that the Chicago rapper doesn’t even sound like he’s trying in the song. Don’t get me wrong, his punchlines are top-notch, s**t just comes so easy for him.

Give “Diet Soda Poetry” a shot below.

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