RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A stylish hip-hop track that’s unapologetic about being authentic.

Accra, Ghana-based creative, Korsah, is a hip-hop artist with a long-standing passion for music. His innovative work incorporates Afro-pop, trap, and hip-hop elements for a truly amazing sound. Korsah’s prior work includes captivating singles like the hip-hop track “Balling” and the alternative song “Ahh!” His latest drop is the hip-hop single “Hater.”

Korsah had this to say about his new single:

“Stay true to yourself and know who you roll with. Not everyone you love will reciprocate that same energy.”

True to his words, this hip-hop track offers up plenty of reflective lyrics like, “I know they hate me, I’m still the same me” and “I’m always in my lane, sorry you never feel the same.”  Combined with a blend of stylish and hypnotic beats, Korsah’s lyrics tell us exactly how he feels about his “Hater.” You’ll definitely want to check out this new single and match up with Korsah’s appealing energy.


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