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PettySagg Demonstrates His Impressive Skills In “I’m On The Way”

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I’m On The Way



PettySagg’s time is now.

New Jersey’s very own, PettySagg, only needed less than a year to establish himself as an innovative and genre-defying musician. He broke out onto the scene in early 2021, and within a period of three months, recorded twenty unique songs. PettySagg looks to people like Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Sunni Colon for musical inspiration. A song by him that I am confident will catch people’s attention is “I’m On The Way.”

“I’m On The Way” is a track that combines all of the qualities PettySagg is known for: Infectious beats, wordplay, and memorable melodies. The afro/dance-inspired beat is the first thing that’ll catch your ear and is what will captivate you throughout the song. Overall, “I’m On The Way” is the type of track that makes you want to dance, whine your waist, and stomp your feet at the same time. There’s no wonder that PettySagg’s music is being featured on several playlists across streaming platforms.

Go ahead and give “I’m On The Way” a shot below.




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