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Listen To “Shooter Ready” By Twista

Shooter Ready (Album)


The legendary Chicago rapper decided to return to the music scene with the ghoulish “Shooter Ready.”

When Chicago legends are brought up, Twista’s name seems to always get omitted. Do people realize that he has tons of amazing verses on wax and is even in The Guinness Book of World Records? Anywho, if you dispute Twista’s resume, listen to his new seven-track EP titled Shooter Ready.



With Halloween being right around the corner, I think this album is perfect for the dark holiday. In Shooter Ready, Twista spits bars over instrumentals that will make you want to hide under your bed. The good news is this: He still raps like a dude that is more than capable of reading The Bible in one month in the EP.

Listen to Shooter Ready by Twista below.

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