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Russ Continues His Onslaught Of Releases With “When This Was All New”

When This Was All New


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Russ blesses us with smooth summertime vibes in “When This Was All New.”

Russ is back yet again! Matter of fact, he’s been back more times than that fast-ass mouse in my basement that I can’t catch. Today, the Atlanta-based rapper decided to release “When This Was All New,” a track that makes me want to hit up a quiet San Diego beach.



Throughout “When This Was All New,” Russ uses intoxicating melodies and both high and low-pitched vocals to let his woman know that he wishes that they could go back to the honeymoon stage of their relationship. If they ever decide to make a remake of Top Gun, I think “When This Was All New” should be the movie’s anthem.

Listen to “When This Was All New” below.

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