Naazhim$upreme is a Philadelphia-born artist whose been creating a name for himself over the last few years. He dropped two previous albums: One in 2019 and one earlier this year. “Flooded” is Naazhim$upreme’s latest single.

What makes Naazhim$upreme unique is his rapping style. He doesn’t sound like any other rapper in the game right now. Naazhim$upreme’s style is shown full force in “Flooded.” In the song, he allows his listeners to get a glimpse into his world using vivid lyrics and dynamic flows. As for lyrically, Naazhim$upreme raps about spending time with the people closest to him and making money, which are topics that make his music relatable to a wide variety of people. If you enjoy listening to music with a distinct sound and vibe, this is the track for you.

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