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A catchy electro-pop tune that reflects on the dark side of privilege and material trappings.

Los Angeles-based musician, Andi, is a 19-year-old pop artist whose unique sound is making waves in the music industry. Her work showcases personal reflection using a captivating, dark pop style that feels wonderfully authentic. Andi’s latest drop is the satirical pop single “Money” and its equally eye-catching music video. Addressing her newest release, Andi states, “Having moved to LA at 16, I was exposed to a very toxic culture surrounding fake wealth, clout, etc… As a young artist, it’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of it. Money was incredibly fun to make; it’s pretty much a diss track to the people who think they’re better than you due to their social status.”

Filled with an ultra hypnotic electro-pop sound, “Money” humorously calls out fake, material-driven people whose only real love is for their excessive wealth. Lyrics like “Say you love the planet ’cause you drive a Tesla” and “Daddy’s little girl until he takes away your money” perfectly describe this unapologetic anthem. Likewise, the moody yet catchy beats are well-matched to Andi’s message, along with the lighthearted elements that keep her words from ever feeling too harsh. You definitely don’t want to miss this rising artist’s latest offering, so check out “Money” and sing along with Andi as she calls out her distaste for clueless, superficial fakes.

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