Following the release of “Orange Print,” Larry June returns just three months later (With Cardo) to deliver “Into the Late Night.This comes as no surprise as Uncle Larry drops at LEAST two projects a year.


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3. Friday Activities

This right here is a Friday morning, afternoon, and night banger!

“Friday Activities” sounds and feels like a Friday should. It’s the day we all look forward to, am I right?! This track contains a very smooth, signature Cardo production job with Larry flawlessly flowing, talking about his usual Friday activities. June literally is the coolest cat in rap. He makes regular chill sh*t and being responsible the wave (It actually is, though).



2. Bigger Risk

This jazzy track that features Larry June talking that talk makes for the perfect theme song for all of the go-getters out there.

In this particular song, Larry reflects on the risks that he took and how they paid off. He also touches base on his come up and how he stayed down and humble. Larry really is respected by so many of his peers and folks in the industry. Loved this song! This record is 100000% getting spun daily for motivational purposes, feel me?



1. Don’t Try It

This was the one for me.

“Don’t Try It” is a stone-cold banger. Larry speaks on being HIM as he talks his shit and lets us know that he’s not one to be played with. He gave us too many bars that would make great IG captions as well. This record is a permanent MOOD.

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1. Gas Station Run (4.5/5)

2. Either Way (4.5/5)

3. Don’t Try It (5/5)

4. Friday Activities (5/5)

5. Bigger Risk (5/5)

6. Red Book Chronicles (4/5)

7. Saturday Night Interview(4/5)

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At this point, when Larry and Cardo team up, it’s safe to say that they create something special every time. These two have proven to be a flawless tandem. Into the Late Night possesses all of the things we love from Larry such as the laidback flows, motivational bars, and witty/smooth/effortless deliveries. This project is a strong follow-up to Orange Print.

Don’t get me wrong, Orange Print was a solid effort from June; however, Into the Late Night hits differently. I liked the variety we got on the last album, but this 20 minute, focused 7-track vibe was more than fulfilling.

We also got some of Larry’s best bars to date in Into the Late Night. Not saying this is his best project to date but the rapping on here and what it feels like listening to this project sure will leave you impressed; as a new or old fan.

Larry June & Cardo understood the assignment as these two continue to bring the best out of each other. All in all, this is yet another June project that will age oh so gracefully.

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