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Killing The Rats

Kodak Black


Kodak Black has been moving interestingly as of late.

Since coming home from jail, Kodak Black has made news more for his social media posts than for his music. The good news is this: Today, the Florida rapper decided to release a brand new track called “Killing The Rats.” The bad news is this: The song is mid.



I find “Killing The Rats” to be a very unorthodox track. The song features a beat that I think I can make, wishy-washy flows and deliveries, and lyrics that promote the killing of rats, the spending of money, the holding of guns, and the smashing of women.

What’s interesting about “Killing The Rats” is that Kodak Black goes back and forth with some random lady on the song. Together, they sound like a ghetto version of The Jeffersons.

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