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The Sun


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They don’t make music like “The Sun” anymore (I mean it this time).

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. When it comes to his music side, it’s his old-school/organic approach to making songs that make him a great listen. One of Kowloon’s latest singles is “The Sun,” a smooth track that features vibes that would make about five generations of music lovers proud.

According to Kowloon, “The Sun” is a “love letter – both and Ode to the people nearest his heart, and to the hazy Soul records that soundtracked his life.” Accompanying such a beautiful purpose is nurturing vibes, some of the most soothing melodies and vocals that I’ve ever heard, introspective and honest lyrics, and an instrumental that has its moments in which it glimmers, in which it hypnotizes, in which it encourages folks to dance, and in which it gives you a blast to the past. All in all, “The Sun” is a well-crafted gem that was put on this earth to warm souls.

Listen to “The Sun” below.

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