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Polo G Channels His Inner MJ In “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)”

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Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)

Polo G

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Polo G is throwing a bunch of s**t at the wall right now (And a lot of the s**t that he’s throwing is actually sticking).

Is it safe to say that Polo G is a superstar rapper? If you believe so, you understand why he’s been experimenting with a bunch of different sounds musically as of late. With that being said, Polo’s latest drop, “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal),” is probably his most unique drop of the year.



I don’t know what possessed Polo G to drop a track that features a flipped version of Michael Jackson’s classic “Smooth Criminal” beat. Better yet, I don’t know what possessed Polo G to actually drop murderous lyrics over the beat. Whatever the case may be, “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” is a wild record that features tumultuous flows and lyrics that John Wick would probably be proud of. While it will take you some time to understand the track’s flow and vibes, once you do, it does start to sound better.

I applaud Polo G’s bravery as an artist.

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