Russ Recreates His Magic From 2015 With The Release Of “Losin Control, Pt. 2”

“Losin Control” is one of Russ’ biggest hits.

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Losin Control, Pt. 2


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“Losin Control” is one of Russ’ biggest hits.

Remember earlier this year when Russ was dropping a new song every week? Well, unfortunately, he took a break from doing that these last couple of weeks. In honor of the sixth anniversary of one of his biggest hits, “Losin Control,” Russ decided to return to the music scene with “Losin Control, Pt. 2.”



You’re supposed to dive deep into “Losin Control, Pt. 2.” Matter of fact, if you drown in the track, that is OK. The song features an instrumental that is both smooth and muddy, a vocal performance that is both serene and dramatic, rap deliveries that are both hard-hitting and intimate, and lyrics that are both confrontational and sappy. As an avid Russ fan, I find this song to be one of those that separates him from his peers.

Do you know what I’m losing control of? My weight (I’ve been eating way too many taquitos as of late).

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