Wish Kid


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

You have to love WillowBoo’s confidence.

If you aren’t familiar with WillowBoo’s music, get familiar. She is an up-and-coming rapper that makes music that is both dynamic and meaningful. Matter of fact, if you search WillowBoo’s music catalog, you will find a wide variety of rap songs. One of Willow’s most energetic releases to date is “Wish Kid.”

Do you know what I love about “Wish Kid?” It features vibes that will get you hyped up, but also lyrics that are very uplifting. In the song, WillowBoo drops impactful bars about being a relentless figure that stands tall and lives life to the fullest. While listening to the song, you will find it impossible not to be enamored with the 17-year-old musician’s flows, charisma, and pizazz. I also think that you will like the uptempo, club-inspired beat that powers the song.

Give “Wish Kid” by WillowBoo a shot below.