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Bre SwaGz Keeps It 100 In “Fake Love”

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Fake Love

Bre SwaGz

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Bre SwaGz holds zero back in “Fake Love.”

Bre SwaGz brings a refreshing element to the hip-hop game. In her music, she doesn’t rely on the ordinary methods that rappers tend to rely on these days (Cough, cough mumble rap); instead, she relies on methods that usually help when it comes to creating timeless-sounding music. A track that I think will make you a believer in Bre’s music is “Fake Love.”

“Fake Love” boasts boatloads of realness. Since the track covers the touchy topic of so-called support systems being shakier than a bottle of Gerbers baby food, you get nothing but explosive deliveries and honest lyrics out of Bre. Interestingly, she does all of her work over an instrumental that is pretty soothing.

“Fake Love” is the second leading cause of cuss-outs (The first leading cause is pettiness).

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