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Just Look Up

Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi

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Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi are a-list musicians that rarely cross paths. I mean, why would they? One does pop, while the other does bizarro hip-hop. Well, in “Just Look Up,” a track from a soundtrack to a Netflix film called “Don’t Look Up” (You can’t make this s**t up), the two musicians collide.



Ariana Grande puts up an unbelievable vocal performance in “Just Look Up.” Seriously, she reaches notes that are higher than Tacko Fall and displays a level of passion that cannot be emulated. As for Kid Cudi, he doesn’t quite keep up with Grande, but he does add a splash of muddy vulnerability to the song. All in all, “Just Look Up” is a captivating track that will make you want to purchase the finest sunglasses on the globe.

Wait a second, is this track about getting vaccinated? (I think I heard Ariana Grande say “Listen to the damn scientists”)

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