Sweet Blood, Thin Skin

Alex Kyhn feat. Charles Jones

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A feel-good retro-style soul single that will sweep you up with its infectious rhythm.

Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and bass player Alex Kyhn is a multitalented artist who infuses music into every aspect of his life. His inspiration comes from well-known modern pop writers and both classic and contemporary instrumentalists. Kyhn’s own work isn’t limited to any specific style; instead, he lets passion and personal preferences guide his musical creations. For one of his latest releases, “Sweet Blood, Thin Skin,” Kyhn teamed up with artist Charles Jones. The track is also accompanied by an equally captivating and adorable animated video.

Filled with a steady stream of contagious beats and soulful vocals, “Sweet Blood, Thin Skin” brings plenty of positive energy to brighten your day. Lyrics like “I believe my love’s enough, I don’t believe in fights and I don’t believe in fisticuffs” feel lighthearted, While lines like “You could put a punch right on my chin and after I’d still raise my fist” never feel too heavy thanks to the overwhelming good vibes. You don’t want to miss Alex Kyhn and Charles Jones’ delightful collaboration, so check out “Sweet Blood, Thin Skin” for a charming experience filled with plenty of playful spirits.

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