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Velleese Keeps It Smooth and Soulful with “Holy Water Baby”

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Holy Water Baby


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mesmerizing single that shows off Velleese’s hypnotic vocals and sharp lyricism.

South Florida native, Velleese, is a singer and songwriter with impressive skills. Her signature blend of classic R&B combines with attention-grabbing lyricism for a unique sound that exudes authentic passion. Velleese first debuted back in 2020 with her well-received self-titled album. Since then, she’s only continued to grow and discover new inspiration. “If I had to live the same life over and over and over again, I would choose the same path. Being an artist is in my DNA,” states Velleese. Her latest release is the R&B single “Holy Water Baby.”

Beginning with some light melodies and soulful vocals, “Holy Water Baby” starts with a comforting R&B blend before turning things up. Once Velleese gets going, you’ll be truly hypnotized by her smooth-flowing lyrics and the well-matched backdrop. Lines like “No love don’t get me faded, I waited on you patient” and “Loving you don’t come cheap” show off Velleese’s mindset with unapologetic honesty. R&B fans definitely don’t want to sleep on this rising artists’ latest offering, so check out “Holy Water Baby” and let Velleese’s unique sound inject you with its passionate spirit.

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