4NEM (Album)

Chief Keef

Chief Keef closes out his 2021 with the impressive “4NEM.”

Bruh, can you believe that Chief Keef is only 26-years-old after all of these years? S**t, I remember being a jit when “Hate Bein Sober” came out. If Keef is 26, that means he might still be in his prime. Today, the Chicago rapper decided to release 4NEM, a project that I think is not bad at all.


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4NEM definitely sounds like it was made in 2010. The project features beats that would make Lex Luger proud and styles of rapping that sound slightly played out. So with everything that I just said, why do I think that it is an impressive effort? Well, I think Keef is in his bag in the project. (I mean, wasn’t he poppin in 2010?) He sticks to what he does best as a rapper throughout it; something we’ve been asking him to do for these last couple of years. To make a long story short, I feel like 4NEM features a bunch of “Don’t Like’s.”

I can’t believe I’m actually praising a Chief Keef project…