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Gucci Mane – So Icy Christmas (Album Review)

Gucci Mane calls on a few of his trap reindeers for “So Icy Christmas.”




Honorable Mention. Motion & Son of a Gun

BigWalkDog continues to rap like a dude that is hungrier than a Nigerian kid that decided to go to an amusement park with his parents for the day (You know damn well Nigerian parents aren’t paying for no food at the damn amusement park).

Is there ever a time in which BigWalkDog doesn’t rap like his life depends on it? In both “Motion” and “Son of a Gun,” he sounds like he’s running from some cops, participating in a shootout, mowing his lawn, and arguing with his baby mama all at the same time.



Honorable Mention. Day 1

I’ve said it before, and I will definitely say it again: I think that Hotboy Wes has superstar written all over him. He reminds me of a mix between Kevin Gates and Lil Baby. In “Day 1,” Wes will show you why I am so high on him.’

In “Day 1,” you get a chance to understand who Hotboy is. In the song, he raps rawly about the s**t that he stands for and how he moves in the streets. I think the emotion, the steady flows, and the pure command that he raps with are hard to ignore. 



5. Rehab

“Rehab” probably sounds like the most complete track on this album.

The Enchanted that you hear in “Rehab” is completely different than the Enchanted that you hear in “Nina Ross.” In the former, she sounds way more pleasant and ready to allow love in her life. She also flexes her vocals a lot more. As for Hotboy Wes, in the song, I feel like he puts up a Lil Baby-Esque verse that perfectly describes what a dude who is toxically in love with his chick sounds like.



4. Like the Grinch

“Like the Grinch” is harder than your untalented Grandma’s stuffing.

“Like The Grinch” is so hard, I found myself rooting for the evil Christmas character. Don’t worry, I’m a sicko, I also rooted for the robbers to rough up Kevin from Home Alone.



3. Street Ni66a Christmas

Gucci Mane slides his ass off in “Street Ni66a Christmas.”

It was brilliant to start this album off with “Street Ni66a Christmas.” While the song boasts both a Zaytoven beat that hits harder than the realization that you have no gifts under your tree and gutter rap deliveries by Gucci Mane, it’s also vaguely Christmas-inspired. I mean, Gucci does talk about folks getting shot during the holiday season.



2. All About The Hustle

Gucci Mane gives himself flowers in “All About The Hustle.”

I f**king love the pep to his step that Gucci Mane raps with in “All About The Hustle.” From the moment the dynamic beat drops, he goes in, hitting us with hella consistent flows and lyrics that will remind you how gangsta he is, how rich he is, and how difficult his come-up was. Overall, I feel like the track is definitely one that bolsters his resume in every kind of way.



1. Long Live Dolph

I absolutely love this homage track to Young Dolph. It feels so authentic, trill, and honest.

Well done, Gucci and Zaytoven.


1. Street Ni66a Christmas (4/5)

2. Da Beginning (3/5)

3. Nina Ross (3/5)

4. Motion (4/5)

5. Nose Red (2/5)

6. Megatron (2/5)

7. Rehab (4/5)

8. On They Own (3/5)

9. On Em (3/5)

10. All About the Hustle (4/5)

11. Day 1 (4/5)

12. All I Want For Christmas (3/5)

13. Son of a Gun (4/5)

14. Like the Grinch (4/5)

15. Anyway (2/5)

16. Servin (3/5)

17. Long Live Dolph (5/5)




This is a Christmas album, do I really have to give y’all my complete thoughts about it? (Geez, I’m not trying to be The Grinch)

Actually, this is a trap Christmas album, which means it’s not really a Christmas album (Please do not play this album during your Christmas parties, guys). So Icy Christmas sounds like any other 1017 project that you would hear in your life. While Gucci does try to sound like he’s in the Holiday spirit here and there, everyone else gets their street-inspired raps off at will. So, if you are in need of some hard-ass music for the holidays, give this joint a shot.

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