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AB Drops “Pit Not The Palace” After Walking Off The Field

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Pit Not The Palace


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Antonio Brown may have to rely on his rap career moving forward…

If you were watching football all day on Sunday like I was (BTW, I won my Fantasy championship yesterday), you had to have seen Antonio Brown (aka AB) walk off the Met Life Stadium field during the middle of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets game. While I have never condoned quitting, I do have a little bit of compassion for him, mainly because y’all make me want to walk off this blog sometimes with your top songs lists (Just kidding). Anywho, AB did exactly what I would’ve done if I was in his shoes: Drop a song that somewhat explains why I did what I did.



I’m not going to lie, this “Pit Not The Palace” song is flames! FIrst and foremost, the song features this dramatic beat that has enough oomph to get folks out of their seats. Over the beat, AB hits us with a hook that is catchy as hell and lyrics that highlight the mud that he had to make it out of. Though the song is relatively short (1:54), enough is done from an impact standpoint.

Give “Pit Not The Palace” a shot and a half below.

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