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Blvck Wizzle Promotes a “Country Boy Life” in New Single

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Country Boy Life

Blvck Wizzle

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Blvck Wizzle puts on for Nashville in a major way in this song.

Nashville’s very own, Blvck Wizzle, is the definition of a fearless artist. Drawing inspiration from greats such as Jimi Hendrix and The Isley Brothers, in Wizzle’s music, you can expect to hear elements of hip-hop, soul, blues, and rock playing nice with one another. Our hero’s latest single, “Country Boy Life,” will prove to you how versatile of a musician he is.

“Country Boy Life” is powered by this hip-hop instrumental that has these rock vibes attached to it that will make you want to smash a guitar or paint your fingernails black. Over the instrumental, Blvck Wizzle hits us with a melody that I find to be hella infectious, deliveries that I find to be mainly gentle but gritty when they need to be, and most importantly, lyrics that perfectly describe how country boys party, woo women, and protect themselves. Honestly, this song feels like Old Town Road’s blunt/rowdy cousin, to me.

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