NO Lies


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An inspirational hip-hop single that thoughtfully reflects on mental health struggles.

Southeast Georgia native, Jeramie Mathis, also known as RTXSTJlee, is a musician, singer, and songwriter who crafts truly unforgettable songs. He began his musical career back in 2015, initially releasing freestyle videos before dropping his debut EP, Greatest Ambition, in early 2018. With a style that showcases versatility and multifaceted lyrical skills, RTXSTJlee’s unquestionable talent has made a lasting impression on the music scene. His latest work is the hip-hop single “NO Lies.” A captivating music video accompanies the song.

With a hypnotic sound that sets the tone for emotional reflection, “NO Lies” shows that “even the strongest people can feel weak at times.” Lyrics like “Fighting back anxiety, don’t want it taking over me” and “I’m fighting demons that’s been holding me back from being a better me” reflect incredible vulnerability. Similarly, RTXSTJlee’s “NO Lies” opens up about mental health and reflects on his inner struggles. Overall, the song explores anxiety in a way that feels authentic and relatable, producing a message that will help others dealing with similar experiences feel less alone. You will love the inspirational sense that comes with “No Lies” explorations, so press play on the song; you may find an uplifting reminder not to let the inner darkness weigh you down.

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