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Ella Mai Returns With “DFMU”

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Ella Mai

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I don’t think Ella Mai has ever missed when it comes to releasing singles.

I really don’t understand why more people don’t talk about Ella Mai’s greatness. Think about her resume for a second: She has a Grammy, a few chart-topping hits, and hella co-signs. Hopefully, she doesn’t go down as music’s version of Tim Duncan. Whatever the case may be, today, Ella decided to release yet another potential hit called “DFMU.”


I really like “DFMU,” but can see how folks will overlook the song. The track is a slow jam that requires listeners to truly comprehend Ella’s honest/vulnerable lyrics, soothing vocals, and powerful emotions. The song won’t end up being Ella’s most popular single, but it will definitely end up being one of her most impressive.

Somebody needs to keep breaking Ella Mai’s heart (This girl is a beast when she is in unproductive relationships).

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