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Jake Paul Goes After Dana White In “Dana White Diss Track”

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Dana White Diss Track

Jake Paul

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Jake Paul is elite at talking s**t.

Jack Paul is one fearless dude. He boxes, he talks hella s**t on social media, and he apparently drops explosive rap music. Today, Jake decided to release “Dana White Diss Track,” a song in which he sticks up for the underpaid UFC fighters of the world.


You guys are gonna disagree with this, but I think that Jake Paul is a pretty solid rapper (I’m not sure if he writes his raps BTW). He has great confidence and knows how to plugin dynamic flows into his music. In “Dana White Diss Track,” Jake puts on a very entertaining show at the expense of the UFC honcho. Throughout the song, he calls out Dana for underpaying fighters, abusing cocaine, and stealing money. Even if you don’t care about the UFC, I think that you will enjoy how action-packed this song sounds (The beat is fire).


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