RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A stylish EDM single with infectious party vibes.

Slovak creative, Bohus Michalko, is also known by his musician name, Echoofmyvoice. He is an artist, producer, and songwriter who crafts dreamy/swingy tracks. His unique sound is a hybrid of EDM, house, pop, and Latin influences. He uses sounds similar to the theremin and bass to hook in a captivated audience, keeping them hypnotized and dream-infused. Michalko says, “I simply love music. So, I keep going.” Despite being rather unknown, his work stands out as a sort of bewitchment. His most popular song is “Light Years Away,” found on Spotify. Michalko himself is available on Spotify and Instagram as Echoofmyvoice. “Void” is his latest single.

Starting out with soft piano melodies, “Void” initially draws us in with a light, mellow style; this is similar to most of Michalko’s songs. However, he only lets it linger for a moment before turning up the heat and bringing dance beats into the mix. While his other songs are not undanceable, they don’t exactly feel dance-worthy either. The hypnotic, commanding vocals are another welcome addition that complements “Void,” and they infuse an upbeat pop sensibility into the track. There’s plenty to love about Echoofmyvoice’s latest concoction. Fans of EDM and house will want to blast this ultra-catchy single at full volume. Hit play and let the electric fusion of Echoofmyvoice’s “Void” sweep you off your feet.