Furlow brings the vibes with “Well Wishes.”


TOP 5 


5. Who Am I

Man, growing up is scary. 

A song about that quarter-life crisis and being nervous about moving forward. The brass in this song easily put it in the top five for me. 



4. Mind Right Now 

Honestly, this song is just a bop. 

I was vibing the entire time I listened to this song, and even when I listened to it to a second time. It did not lose its charm on the repeat listen. If anything, it got better. 



3. Up All Night 

“Up All Night” is another vibe. 

A simple track about how staying up all night even when there is work tomorrow is worth it. Furlow was really vibing in this song and the whole album. 



2. Wish You Well 

This is the perfect ending for this album. 

“Wish You Well” is a sweet but melancholy love song that perfectly contrasts with the opening song with the close to same title. I love when songs connect; even when the album isn’t technically telling a story. 



1. Wish Me Well 

A flawless opening for Well Wishes

The chill but upbeat track sets up the vibe for the album. “Wish Me Well” is the opening for whatever indie movie Furlow is creating with this album. 


1. Wish Me Well (4/5)

2. Who Am I (3/5)

3. Play Ball (3/5) 

4. Catch A Vibe (3/5)

5. Mind Right Now (4/5)

6. Odyssey (3/5)

7. Run (3/5)

8. Up All Night (4/5) 

9. Hold On (4/5)

10. Not Enough (4/5) 

11. Wish You Well (4/5)




Well Wishes is an album that personifies “short and sweet”. With only eleven tracks, Furlow made sure to make all 38 minutes count.

Well Wishes sounds like the soundtrack to an indie coming-of-age movie. Furlow keeps the same vibe through the whole album, but still finds a way to play around with his sound. I am partial to the more classic indie songs, but there isn’t a bad song on the album. Even the tracks without lyrics keep with the flow of the album rather than slowing it down. While Well Wishes is not the best album I’ve ever heard, it is definitely worth the listen and something that I am sure I will listen to again. The album also captures all of Furlow’s potential and puts it on full display. I look forward to seeing Furlow continue to grow as an artist and the music he will continue to create.