SoundCloud Daze (Mixtape)

PnB Rock

PnB Rock is in the SoundCloud hall-of-fame.

I would consider PnB Rock to be a major artist. I mean, s**t, he was on a f**king Ed Sheeran song. Before he became famous, he was doing major things on SoundCloud. To pay homage to the major streaming service, PnB decided to release SoundCloud Daze, a 14-track project that features the kind of beats that an amateur beatmaker can make.

SoundCloud Daze features guest appearances from Pasto Flocco, Yung Fazo, yvngchris, TennisBoyWILL, IAYZE, Envy Deric, and PnB Meen.


1. Lessons (Ft. Pasto Flocco)

2. I’m Chosen (Ft. Yung Fazo)

3. Main Bitch


5. 1st Linked Up (Ft. yvngxchris)

6. UP (Ft. TennisBoyWiLL)

7. Fury

8. No Skeemz (Ft. IAYZE)

9. Told U I’d Be There (Ft. TennisBoyWiLL)

10. Lately

11. Timin’ (Ft. Envy Deric)

12. PnB Meen – In My Zone

13. TennisBoyWiLL – Rewind

14. Still ARounD


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