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Projector 2 Somewhere (AF-1 Anthem)

Leroy Booker

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mesmerizing R&B track with a smooth, soulful style.

Multi-talented artist, Leroy Booker, has experienced his share of setbacks on his musical journey. As a self-professed “kid with a big dream,” Booker’s childhood had its ups and downs, involving custody battles and plenty of moving around. Despite the roadblocks, though, he remained optimistic and even took some encouraging advice from a teacher. This advice fueled his passion and desire to achieve a successful music career. Amid his personal struggles, 2021 brought Booker plenty of success, which his Spotify and Instagram brag about. He signed with Avalon Artist Group and landed a feature with Ne-Yo. The tune “Projector 2 Somewhere (AF-1 Anthem)” is one of four tracks on Booker’s 2021 EP Pages From My Journal. The song also features an accompanying video.

With an echoing backdrop of Dreamwave, upbeat sounds, “Projector 2 Somewhere” follows Booker’s reminiscence on a past love and explores the possibilities of a future with that special someone. Lyrics like “I realize that my past was never as perfect as your last but right now, damn baby, I’m trying” and “I’m the right man, no need to doubt it” keep things simple and honest as he hopes for the best outcome. Mesmerizing, melodic vocals, and a slight pop tone add to the track’s inviting sense. There’s plenty to love about this uplifting, hopeful romance. So, press play and let the words of Leroy Booker’s “Projector 2 Somewhere” warm your heart.

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